Description of Ourchild e.V.

Description of:
Charitable organisation “Ourchild e.V.” – international Children`s charity

The association Ourchild e. V. was founded on October 13th in 1997. It is situated in the small German town Bad Sulza and is run on an honorary basis by four board members, one employee, and one freelancer.The purpose of the association is the promotion of youth welfare and the education of children and adolescents all over the world, regardless of religion, sex, nationality or race.

This is achieved through:

  •       Care for mental and physical development
  •       Provision of food, clothing and shelter
  •       Preventive health care, health education and information
  •       School education and training
  •       Aid projects provide help to enable people to help themselves. Projects are to be understood as integrative, supporting schools, individual children and youths, families, and also the social structure of local communities of such families, entire villages, and/or city neighbourhoods in order to counteract the social and moral impoverishment of such areas and to improve the survival and living conditions of the children living in them. The networking of such projects serves as an ongoing exchange basis for experience, knowledge and development for those involved in aid project work to help strive for improvements in integrative and interactive project work:
  1. best possible use of available resources, whether financial, personal, or in terms of knowledge
  2. optimisation of the individual aid projects
  3. transfer of knowledge gained for new aid projects.

„Ourchild e. V.“ is exclusively a charitable organisation dedicated to providing for the common good as defined in (§§ 51 ff. „Steuerbegünstigte Zwecke“) of the German Abgabenordnung (taxation regulations). After approval by the relevant tax authorities, this aspect will be reflected in an amendment to the name: „Ourchild gemeinnütziger e. V.“
The charity has no internal economic purposes; it is a non-profitmaking organisation. Financial assets can only be used for purposes defined within the statutes.

Cooperation with other organizations and institutions:

Current donations recipients are located in Brazil, Tanzania, Rwanda and Germany.

The welfare projects are: the primary School “Escola Caminho do Saber” in Rio de Janeiro/Brasil; the Welfare project to help an ex-child soldier and his family, “Training Allowance for Fabio´s Family” in Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil; Street children project “Child in the Sun” in Dar es Salaam/ Tanzania; and the Youth project “Intercultural Garden” located in Apolda/Germany.

In Rwanda, Ourchild is purchasing greeting cards made of banana leaves. In the past years, Ourchild e.V. has also supported child and youth welfare projects in Vietnam, Peru, and Ukraine.

Current funding is provided through fixed sponsorships and free donations.


OURCHILD e.V. has determined that at least 80% of the donations go to the respective aid projects to support the children. Just under 20% are necessary for administration and advertising costs.

All of OURCHILD e.V.’s activities are subject to the strict control of independent auditors and the tax authorities. Your donation is fully tax deductible. You will automatically receive the donation receipt for your tax return in the first quarter of each year if you send your donation directly to us or via our partner

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