Child in the Sun

The Child in the Sun* project (Centre for Education and Vocational Training for Street Children) as an initiative started in 1992 to help reduce the growing number of children living on the street in Tanzania. Initially based in a small centre in Dar-es-Salaam with only 10 children, the project has expanded to include three centres with more than 120 children. All three centres work towards the re-unification of the family.

The Manzese Drop-In Centre in Dar-es-Salaam takes children living on the streets for a period of up to three months and prepares them for the programme in the Mbezi Centre.

The Mbezi Centre (a farm 25 km outside of Dar-es-salaam) caters for 70 children and provides them with education and training.

The Msowero Centre for Agriculture and Training in Self-Reliance (Morogoro Region, 200 km outside of Dar-es-salaam) caters for 30 young people and aims to provide the young people with their own economically independent and self-sufficient existence. The training programme takes two years in which time the youngsters are provided with a house and 1-2 land plots to earn their living. The centre is arranged as a small village with central administrative and recreational facilities amongst others.

Child in the Sun is run by members of the African Missionary White Father. This initiative was started by White Father Philippe Docq, who worked for many years in a densely-populated and poor suburb of Dar-es-Salaam. The Manzese Drop-In Centre in DAR opened as a result of the drastically rising numbers of street children and is today unparalleled.

OURCHILD e.V. would like to support the expansion of the Child in the Sun programme in Tanzania with your help.