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Child in the Sun

The Child in the Sun* project (Centre for Education and Vocational Training for Street Children) as an initiative started in 1992 to help reduce the growing number of children living on the street in Tanzania. Initially based in a small centre in Dar-es-Salaam with only 10 children, the project has expanded to include three centres with more than 120 children. All three centres work towards the re-unification of the family.

The Manzese Drop-In Centre in Dar-es-Salaam takes children living on the streets for a period of up to three months and prepares them for the programme in the Mbezi Centre. … more

The school in Vila Nova has finally been transferred from IBISS to the local municipality. IBISS has long campaigned for the government to assume responsibility and this latest development is therefore most welcome. It is, however, regrettable that in the process IBISS loses one of its most impressive flagship schools.While not necessarily positive on the one hand, it is nevertheless heartening to hear that the residents of the neighbourhood are sad that IBISS is handing over to the government. … more

Child soldiers are thought to be in places where there is a war. The child soldiers of Rio de Janeiro are in a place of permanent war. Approx. 9000 weapon-carrying and about 5000 non-armed children and young persons of between 8 and 18 years of age work here for the various drug barons of the slums of Rio. 16 % of these are girls. Only 21% of them reach the age of 21.

The WLO classifies the job of a child soldier in Brazil as a ‘high risk exploitation of manpower’. One of the duties a child soldier is forced to fulfil, is that of a ‘scout’. … more

In Georgia, USA as well as in many other US-regions, Native American Indians have been radically driven out of their homeland and the land sold in lots. Traces of the original native inhabitants are almost completely eradicated. In the North Georgia Mountains, Tom Blue Wolf has made it his business to reawaken a consciousness for the original inhabitants and live as traditional Native Americans. Blue Wolf is an Elder of the Star Clan of the Lower Creek People, Tribal Ambassador, Faith Keeper, and Environmental Educator. … more