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The Child in the Sun* project (Centre for Education and Vocational Training for Street Children) as an initiative started in 1992 to help reduce the growing number of children living on the street in Tanzania. Initially based in a small … Continued … more

The school in Vila Nova has finally been transferred from IBISS to the local municipality. IBISS has long campaigned for the government to assume responsibility and this latest development is therefore most welcome. It is, however, regrettable that in the … Continued … more

Child soldiers are thought to be in places where there is a war. The child soldiers of Rio de Janeiro are in a place of permanent war. Approx. 9000 weapon-carrying and about 5000 non-armed children and young persons of between … Continued … more

In Georgia, USA as well as in many other US-regions, Native American Indians have been radically driven out of their homeland and the land sold in lots. Traces of the original native inhabitants are almost completely eradicated. In the North … Continued … more