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Nanko RIP

To all friends of Ourchilds projects in Brazil – the director of our partner Instituto Brasileiro de Saúde em Inovações Social ( IBISS ), Nanko van Buuren, died suddenly on 2/14/2015. We feel with his family, his staff and all those he cared for. We all are mourning for Nanko van Buuren.

Support our projects in Brazil. Sponsorships provide safety for the projects and the children we care for: the school in Vila Nova, Rio de Janeiro.

There is a war on in Brazil and its centre is Rio de Janeiro. There are 34.ooo war victims a year in Rio alone – police stations are being blown up – Favelas are being attacked by the police – civilians are being killed, many children among them. Brazilians call it ‘our war’. What kind of war is it? It’s a war for drugs, people and weapons. In Rio, approx. 6,2 million people live in favelas – almost half the total population of the city. Favelas are illegal and primitive settlements, built by incomers from the surrounding countryside who are looking for work in Rio. … more