Responsible management of your donations

The trust you place in our hands is for us an obligation to exercise the utmost care and responsibility in the use and application of your donations. Ourchild e.V. has committed itself to ensuring that a minimum of 80% of your donations goes directly into aid projects for children. Just under 20% is necessary for administrative and organisational costs. All activities of OURCHILD e.V. are strictly monitored by independent financial auditors and the tax authorities.

Donation certification

Your donation is tax deductable. You will be sent a certificate for your tax papers automatically in the first quarter of each year.

Ourchild e.V.’s principles

Ourchild undertakes to:

  1. put donations to direct use in child-oriented or project-oriented initiatives as per the contributor’s wishes.
  2. support children and young people of all nationalities regardless of skin colour and religion to their maximum capacity and in accordance with the contributor’s wishes.
  3. keep contributors informed with as much information as possible.
  4. ensure the maximum proportion of donations go directly to the children and communities concerned.
  5. allow contributors to examine all project documentation in detail.
  6. protect the rights of individuals, whether sponsor or sponsored, to lead their own lives and to uphold data protection rights.
  7. monitor partner organisations regularly with regard to the administration and efficient application of donations.
  8. foster contact between sponsor parents and child to promote and enable international exchange and tolerance.